edupreneur definition

If you're tired of hearing "we have to do things this way because it's the way they've always been done," you've come to the right place.

True innovation takes motivation, hard work, and commitment — especially in higher ed. Embracing the process of turning a new idea into meaningful impact by asking the right questions, finding resources, taking risks, and learning from failures is the only way to set your campus apart and stay ahead of trends today. TargetX is a huge proponent of the edupreneurial mindset, and that's why we're highlighting institutions that are transforming ambition into action.

Tell us about your cool, new initiative and you might be featured as a spotlight on our blog or receive a shoutout on social media!

We want to hear about your:

  • Creative new recruitment campaign for a target population of prospective students
  • Innovative marketing or yield strategy to increase enrollment
  • Trailblazing student success initiatives to enhance the student experience